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DIY – Self Care w/ Essential Oils

I found these little gems last night at Barnes & Noble for under $30. The set came with eight bottles of essential oils, and a beautiful wooden storage box and travel bag that both have eight compartments. But that’s not all. It also came with a dropper and a guide with recipes for DIY scrubs, salts, and all that jazz. They even threw in stickers for easy identification of each bottle. It’s produced by Gurunanda with the promise of 100% pure oils, “nothing added and nothing removed, straight from the farm.”

20190216_073840 As I am a DIY kind of girl (a mid-50’s kind of girl at that), how could I resist? I am excited to try some of these recipes right away.

*Note – One would think I was being paid for advertising this product, but rest assured, I am not. I just know a great deal when I see one, and this is a great deal!