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In the Cool of the Day

It was a pleasant morning. I was sitting on the patio listening to a traveling band practice across the street at the local high school. The percussion section was playing their chimes, bells and drums. I know this sound very well. I was a percussionist from 5th through 11th grade. My sister texted me to see how I was doing. She was really checking on my husband as he is three weeks into recovery from surgery to remove a cancerous mass from his colon. I told her that we were well. James was about to go for a walk and I was sitting outside enjoying the cool of the day.

That phrase reminded me of scripture where God was walking through the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day. I immediately picked up my bible and began to read about the circumstances surrounding Him walking in the garden that particular day.

At this point God had created the heavens and the earth, light that He separated from darkness, the sky, dry land and the seas. He continued creating all that has ever been created up through the sixth day, when he created human beings. God formed Adam from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into Adam’s nostrils, and Adam became a living person.

God planted a garden In Eden and made all sorts of trees grow there. In the middle of the garden He planted the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He placed Adam in the garden to tend the garden. And He warned Adam. God sends warnings to save us from impending destruction and disaster. Unfortunately, we don’t always heed His warnings. We would be spared so much heartache if only we did. God warned Adam that he could eat freely of any tree in the garden except the tree of knowledge of good and evil. “If you eat it’s fruit, you will surely die.”

God wanted a suitable helper for Adam. He caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam and formed woman from his rib. Did you get that? God performed surgery on Adam. Adam didn’t have pain and there was no scar after God’s surgery. I am forever grateful for the Oncologist Surgeon that performed my husband’s surgery. He removed all the cancer and closed him up with staples. Although the surgeon is very gifted and knowledgeable, some powerful anesthetics were used to put my husband to sleep, and his incision left a scar that will be ever so slightly visible for the rest of his life.

Then God closed the opening (flesh) and brought the woman to him. What I want you to see here first Sisters in Christ is that by God, woman was birthed through man. And if man was formed in the image of God, then so were you. You are the apple of God’s eye. I know life has thrown some hard situations and circumstances at you, but I pray today that you will see yourself as God sees you.

1 Corinthians 11: 7-9, 11-12
A man ought not to cover his head,[b] since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man. 8 For man did not come from woman, but woman from man; 9 neither was man created for woman, but woman for man. 11 Nevertheless, in the Lord woman is not independent of man, nor is man independent of woman. 12 For as woman came from man, so also man is born of woman. But everything comes from God.

Secondly, because Eve allowed the serpent, Satan himself, to influence her to eat of the forbidden fruit, and she gave the fruit to Adam, and he ate, evil entered the world. In that instant, sickness, pain, poverty, racism, inequality, the need to hide from our true identity and all sorts of evil was manifest in our lives. Genesis 3:8 Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the LORD God among the trees of the garden. Why did they hide. Their eyes were opened, and their knowledge increased, knowledge that they were naked.

Sisters, we’ve been hiding from our true identities since the beginning of time. We’re too fat, too tall, not pretty enough, not smart enough. But these are all lies. Lies from the pit of hell. And until you accept that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, created in God’s image, Satan will continue to have that little edge in your life, telling you that you are not good enough.


Father God, we pray that you will strengthen our minds and cause us to see ourselves as you see us. We are you children, created in your image. To believe that we are not enough does not come from you. You are a sovereign God who does not look upon our countenance, and we are forever grateful that Your grace is sufficient.

In Jesus’ Name


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