Welcome to The Franchise Mom website. Within the  pages of this site I hope you find encouragement to face each day with hope and renewed strength. I created this page with “Moms” in mind. It’s no secret mothers work extremely hard to care for their families. Even when our children are grown and raising their own families, our roles as Mom, and extended roles as Mother-in-Law and Grandmother remain an important part of the family entity.

Personally, I’ve been a soldier, mom and wife, all at the same time.  I know the trials and rewards of being a working mom and stay-at-home mom. And I know first hand the emotions that come along with deciding to put your career on the back burner to care for family, or returning to the workplace after years, or sometimes a decade or two, of being at home. With that in mind, and in my current season of an empty-nesting, I want to encourage moms everywhere to treat each day as the gift. Be in-the-moment as much as possible. Find balance in whatever you do. And most importantly, build community around yourself so you can find the support you need, when you need it.

In my shop you will find some of my favorite products to unwind and treat myself. I believe you will enjoy them too. And on the blog I hope you find a word that will permeate your heart and cause you to see yourself they way God sees you; fearfully and wonderfully made.


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